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Stop Doing Things Twice, Stop Doing Things Twice

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Manufacturers and distributors that are using disparate specialty software to manage customer orders, inventory, shipping, and financial systems are spending a lot of time with redundant data entry.  Every time data is entered into one system and again into another, time is wasted and the risk for data errors is increased.  Connect your systems and reduce redundant data entry by implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

The number of business management solutions that you use may be reducing productivity instead of enhancing efficiencies.  In addition to wasting time, multiple solutions can lead to mistakes in your data as well as delays in getting it.  Customer orders may be placed in one solution, then data is transferred into financial and manufacturing or distribution systems.  Your procurement team may reference historical and current order fulfillments in order to determine what raw materials to order, when to order them, and how much that may cost.  As procurement updates their inventory software, more data is re-keyed into the financial system to pay supplier invoices and set up customer invoices.  The constant turnover of data from one software program to another adds to the risk for errors and delays.

Save time and protect the integrity of your data by using a single, integrated ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP.  You can manage all of your core business operations from a robust ERP solution with greater efficiency than with disparate solutions.  You can manage financials, supply chain, inventory, manufacturing and distribution operations, human resources and payroll, and other business processes with a solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Instead of re-entering data from one solution to another, you can enter it once into Microsoft Dynamics GP and share it as needed.  Enter customer-centric data, including customer orders, into an ERP solution and procurement can use that -information to make strategic inventory decisions.  Invoices can be paid to suppliers or sent to customers by using the same data within the ERP solution.  In addition, managers can get to accurate, real-time information much quicker to make the swift business decisions that drive growth.

Why perform the same task over and over again?  Contact The Resource Group for more information about using an ERP solution that can reduce redundant data entry and protect data integrity so you can stop doing things twice.


By The Resource Group, Washington Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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