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Secure your Supply Chain and Make Way for Growth

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Companies can’t expand without confidence in their supply chain, say experts within this article, who note that disaster-recovery plans are vital. “Supply chain risks are aligned directly with company concerns about their ability to execute their broader corporate strategies.” Without secure processes in place, your company is at risk of faltering if one stone is unturned. But how can you ensure every step of your supply chain is secure enough to allow for company growth?

For many of you, securing your supply chain is easier said than done.  But supply chain management with Microsoft Dynamics® GP is making it much easier than ever before.

A main factor that is putting companies at risk is the lack of insight into each supply chain procedure. If you can’t see inventory levels in relation to your sales orders, then meeting the demands of your customers is unlikely. Your customer service will greatly suffer as no one within your company can give customers a straight answer. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, everyone within your organization can view the detail they need to do their job right. This level of insight ensures your company can provide great customer service and reduce the amount of backorders, lost data, and miscommunicated orders.

Another risk factor within your supply chain is having to manual enter data into your tracking systems. Manually entering business critical data creates a high potential for error and can never really show a real-time view of your operations. Companies then start to play the guessing game which exposes their weaknesses resulting in irreversible damage to company reputation and longevity. Microsoft Dynamics GP streamlines your purchasing and receiving processes through automation so you always have accurate and real-time insight into your supply chain.

For more information on how Microsoft Dynamics GP can secure your supply chain, read this whitepaper: Supply chain management with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

By Earl Hunt of The Resource Group, Seattle based Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

The Resource Group is a seasoned team of business professionals that help companies gain valuable business insight from their financial systems, enabling customers to manage their business more efficiently and effectively.

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