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More Control and Insight with RFID Technology and Microsoft Dynamics GP

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According to this article on SupplyChainBrain, an insurance company recommends a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system for tracking conditions under which fresh produce is transported throughout the supply chain. RFID technology allows you to automatically see and respond to various supply chain conditions, such as temperature fluctuations and expiration dates. According to this insurance company, this type of insight provides greater business control for their clients. In addition, the insurance company can request information gathered from the RFID tags to better understand supply chain conditions at the time that loss of product occurred due to spoilage.. Because of this advanced control and insight, this insurance company in particular can offer better insurance policies to companies that have an RFID system in place.


Having more insurance policy options are a benefit of increased control of your supply chain, and one that may start you thinking about implementing an RFID technology solution at your organization. But first, you’ll need to assess your overall supply chain management. Supply chain modules within Microsoft Dynamics® GP can help you gain control and access to vitally important data and supply chain process information. Here are some examples.

  • Advanced Picking — Streamline picking by creating bulk picks or individual reoccurring picks to maintain your supply load. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can even set parameters to maintain your profit margins.
  • Available to Promise — Keep your promises to your customers by having advanced insight and control over your inventory. Real-time access to what’s available as well as what’s out of stock will improve your customer service and maximize profitability.
  • Inventory Management — Faster and more accurate fulfillment of orders helps you maintain and possibly grow your customers as well as beat out the competition. The advanced inventory management module in Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you the access needed to make this possible.


These are just a few examples of the supply chain modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP, but a great start to more control and insight into your supply chain processes. If you’re interested in Microsoft Dynamics GP or are ready to explore the possibilities of RFID with GP, please contact us at The Resource Group.


By Earl Hunt of The Resource Group, Seattle-based Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

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