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Microsoft Dynamics GP Works Well with Industry Specific Solutions

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Some of our clients at The Resource Group have specific solutions in place required by their industry to perform the mandatory functions of their business. For example, distributors are required to use approved system packages to meet federal regulations regarding alcoholic beverage distribution.

In most cases, those approved systems handle routing, inventory and billing, but accounts payable and financial statement functionality is extremely limited. We work with a large beer and wine distributor that uses a vertical packaged system to do billing and inventory control, but the financial component of their system wasn’t up-to-par. So we stepped in and implemented Microsoft Dynamics® GP to integrate with their vertical system already in place. This distributor was able to keep their pre-approved inventory and billing system, yet by adding Microsoft Dynamics GP to the mix, they have insight into valuable and accurate financial data they didn’t have before. This client still has their one comprehensive database, and GP seamlessly imports revenue data so they can attain real-time financial reports. It’s scalable to their needs and helps them stay atop any issues or trends .

What’s great about this scenario is you don’t need to start from scratch regarding your technology solutions. If you’re in the food and beverage or consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries, this is important in order to remain compliant with the federal regulations out there today.  We here at The Resource Group help you take advantage of the systems you already have in place, and add the missing components that give you the best of breed approach for your financial management needs. Contact us for more information on how Microsoft Dynamics GP can work well with your current industry system.

By Earl Hunt of The Resource Group, Seattle based Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner


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