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Microsoft Dynamics GP Helps Medical Suppliers Realign Internal Operations

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The medical supplies industry has fought a number of challenges these past few years. Companies have lowered device prices to combat high unemployment rates. And healthcare reform also has held many companies back in turns of profit.


In addition to suffering the economic effects felt by other industries, medical suppliers have their own unique challenges to overcome. Medical suppliers need to comply with strict healthcare regulations to ensure their products are safe to use. Their products need to pass quality testing without question in order for their operation to stay up and running. Add this to the slow US market, and it’s time for the industry to realign their operations to increase efficiency and ultimately profitability.


Streamlined internal processes are helping medical suppliers overcome these challenges, while increasing profitability. As a Microsoft Dynamics® GP partner, we have worked within the healthcare industry to improve internal operations in the following ways:


  • Centralized Warehousing: Having your inventory data in one system allows for automatic picking, packing, and shipping. Accurate orders are placed without the risk of manual error and items are received in a timely and efficient manner, keeping clients happy. All the shipment information seamlessly ties back with the accounting department so you always know where you stand financially.
  • Enhanced Vendor Management: Vendors and pricing can all be entered easily into Microsoft Dynamics GP to make sure agreements are kept. Contract start and end dates keep your vendors on their toes because you’ll always have insight into what they have and haven’t done at any given time.
  • Materials Management: In Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can identify unique information about the products you store and ship out. Some materials require specific storage regulations and Microsoft Dynamics GP ensures safe handling of medical supplies so you remain compliant and your products are safe for your clients to use.


Whether you’re feeling the effects of the sluggish US market, or simply struggling with limited insight into your very important inventory, Microsoft Dynamics GP may be the answer to your problems. Contact us at The Resource Group for more information.


By Earl Hunt of The Resource Group, Seattle-based Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner


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