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Manual Labor Has Its Time & Place, Just Not When Running A Business

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It takes hard work to run a business and there is a time and a place for manual labor. However, you can’t run a successful manufacturing or distribution company on sweat equity alone. You need the support of a strong business management solution to manage all the moving parts of your company so you can focus on what’s important. Streamline operations, improve productivity, and boost profitability by replacing manual processes with an integrated business management solution such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP.

Companies using disparate, specialty software systems are doing more work than needed and putting more time into that work. Redundant data entry between systems, paper-based and other manual processes, regular physical inventory counts, and constant meetings with your managers for updates can quickly consume the better part of a day and drain the productivity of your staff. The time you spend handling paper and data is time away from other crucial business tasks and your valued customers. It’s time to replace inefficient systems with a stronger, integrated solution.

You can manage all of the moving parts of your business from a single, centralized solution, with greater efficiency and productivity, than with multiple, disparate software systems. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers powerful control and insight into financial transactions, supply chain and inventory management, manufacturing or distribution activities, human resources and payroll operations, and much more. Your people can enter data quickly, access it on-the-spot, and your management team can leverage that data to your competitive advantage.

Time-saving automations, including workflows, streamline data entry. Data can be entered once, then used for other applications. For example, you can enter customer data and a proposal or sales order, then use that same dataset for packing slips or invoices. As you gather customer information, you can use built-in business intelligence features to identify customer behaviors or trends such as replenishment orders. You can then use that insight to offer cross-sales or up-sales, as well as take a proactive step with contacting a customer for an order before they contact you.

Replacing outdated software with a powerful business management solution can save valuable time, improve productivity, and highlight the data you need to improve profits and drive growth. Contact The Resource Group for guidance with replacing needless manual labor with stronger technology.

By The Resource Group, Washington Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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