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Make the Right Investment in Mobile Technology

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I am easily distracted by the bright, flashy screens of the latest and greatest gadgets in today’s marketplace.  I enjoy looking at new technology to see how it can improve my daily work and home lives, only my enjoyment comes with a price tag, literally.  Trying out the hottest new devices is not as healthy for my wallet as it may be for my productivity.  Using today’s mobile technology can do wonders for productivity levels, but only if you make the right investments.

Besides the smartphones that everyone uses today – and in addition to laptops and tablets – there are volumes of other mobile devices that can improve productivity in the workplace.  The key to protecting your finances – better than I protect my wallet – is to choose the gadgets that can actually make a difference in how your people work.  As suggested by Mark Wheeler and John Pomerleau in “Wireless Mobility Changes Everything,” posted on, you need to start by matching your people to function and find the devices that can help them work more efficiently.

As noted in the article, warehouse workers may benefit from wireless devices that capture incoming and outgoing inventory or shipments.  Mounted to a forklift or their wrist, they can scan packages without losing the ability to drive the forklift or handle boxes.  The warehouse team can save time from having to shuffle paperwork or key data into the computer, and the automation will reduce the chance for mistakes.  On the other hand, a mobile device that isn’t suited for the task, such as a device with small buttons matched with a worker that has to wear construction gloves, wouldn’t produce good results.

The second benefit from harnessing mobile technology is the real-time insight into business operations and important data.  Improving the productivity of your workers also improves the speed by which you receive critical data.  Using real-time inventory data, for example, can help you cut costs in overbuying inventory or with buying popular-trending inventory while avoiding obsolete-trending inventory.  Mobile devices can encourage greater communication and collaboration, which keeps projects on time and customers happy.  Being able to respond quickly to customer questions and requests- such as tracking products in transit – will enhance customer satisfaction all-around.

The right mobile technology can improve productivity and business insight.  The wrong mobile technology will complicate tasks and frustrate workers.  Contact The Resource Group for more information about choosing the right mobile technology for your team:


By The Resource Group, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner out of Washington

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