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The Key to a Successful Manufacturing and Distribution Business Is Data

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The modern marketplace is crowded, customers can be fickle and demanding, and there is no downtime. The lights are always on. The key to staying profitable and ahead of top of the competition is data. Your managers and management suite need real-time, reliable data in order to be responsive to changing marketplace and customer conditions and to make the data-based decisions that drive growth.

Disparate management systems isolate your data and your employees aren’t always able to stop what they are doing to print out reports or attend frequent meetings. Today’s manufacturers and distributors do not have time to waste looking for data or waiting for it to trickle down from various departments. Optimizing operations requires seamless transmission of data, collaboration between each department, and working with a single set of data. Having one version of the truth is necessary for making real-time decisions with the agility and flexibility required in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

Improve Data Management and Leverage Data to Your Advantage

A strong enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for manufacturers and distributors can streamline data entry and data sharing within a busy manufacturing or distribution enterprise. A powerful solution like Microsoft Dynamics® GP offers an integrated way to manage finances, inventory, supply chains, payroll, HR activities and many other business areas within a single solution. You can also customize it to meet other unique business needs.

With your core business data within easy reach, you can have a 360-degree view across business operations, and so can your departmental leaders.

  • Role-tailored dashboards customize the data that managers and users need to have at their fingertips. For example, your procurement team can monitor inventory levels and respond appropriately when materials are reaching safety or buffer levels.
  • The sales team can also manage new sales, monitor customer orders, and with insight into inventory, can offer customers more reliable lead times for production or product delivery.
  • Built-in business intelligence features can further strengthen collaboration between these two teams. You could identify trends that highlight which products may be growing more popular in the marketplace, and then adjust marketing and sales activities to capitalize on those trends.

Today’s business management solutions can provide the very data you need to make smart business decisions that drive growth. Contact The Resource Group for more information about using Microsoft Dynamics GP to capture analyze, and leverage data to your competitive advantage.

By The Resource Group, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner based in Washington

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