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How You Know it’s Time to Upgrade Your Supply Chain Software

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Maintaining control over your supply chain can be a monumental task.  Finding the right resource, at the right price, and at the right time is a balancing act.  If you are abandoning your business intelligence software for time-consuming spreadsheets and notepads to keep track of your best supply chain vendors, then it’s time to consider upgrading your software.

Supply chain software should help you manage and control common supply chain issues.  It should streamline procurement, reduce costs, and help manage inventory.  However, companies grow, change operations, and supply chains can become complex.  If your software isn’t keeping up with you, then it’s time for an upgrade.

Microsoft Dynamics® GP is powerful business management software that includes a sophisticated Supply Chain Management (Distribution) feature that will get you back on track and in control.  Integrated with productivity applications and other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook, it is familiar in look and easy to use.  Simplifying and automating many parts of the supply chain process, Microsoft Dynamics GP will make picking, shipping, and tracking easier, and will improve accuracy and speed, and reduce costs.  Microsoft Dynamics GP will also help you connect inventory with purchasing and create more accurate demand planning that will optimize inventory levels, as well as improve cash flow.

Managing customer and supply chain contact information directly in Microsoft Dynamics GP is easier than with spreadsheets or notepads.  Microsoft Dynamics GP  allows you to quickly update contact, product specifications, and other important information about your customers and vendors.  Create secure business portals and allow customers and vendors to contact you at their convenience.  Online communications will expedite orders, reduce delays associated with order or product changes, and streamline other inquiries.  This will strengthen business relationships and improve customer service.

Supply chain is a constantly changing component for distributors, but a critical one to control.  If your supply chain is cumbersome to manage, then look to Microsoft Dynamics GP to reorganize and manage your supply chain from top to bottom.  Please contact The Resource Group for additional guidance on Microsoft Dynamics GP and how it can streamline your supply chain.

By Earl Hunt of The Resource Group, Seattle-based Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner


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