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How To Weather the Ups and Downs of Business

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Customer demands can change as quickly as the weather.  Throughout the year, you might experience combinations of busy times and lean times.  One product might be popular one day and obsolete the next.  How can you better predict customer demands and be prepared to manage the changes in demand?  One solution is to deploy the right business management software.

Many businesses look toward enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, to provide insight into business operations.  By capturing critical data in a single software platform, you build a picture that illustrates the intricacies of how operations can impact each other.  This insight will provide greater control over operations, streamline productivity, and lead to improved profitability.  Microsoft Dynamics GP offers management capabilities with financials, supply chain, project and services management, manufacturing, and more.  This comprehensive software solution also offers robust analytics so that you can define and monitor key metrics that affect profitability.

Microsoft Dynamics GP will provide greater insight into business operations and enable you to spot trends in sales or services.  You might identify seasonal trends as well as those impacted by economic conditions, or items that sell better when combined with other products.  Identifying best-selling and most profitable products, as well as your top customers will open up new opportunities for cross-sales and up-sales.  Focusing on the most profitable avenues will help fine-tune marketing efforts, saving valuable time and money on strategies that may not yield results.  This insight also will help you optimize inventory control so that you have the sufficient stock available for customers without over-stocking on items which might expire due to changes in buying habits.

By streamlining operations, you’ll see greater profitability and cash flow.  Improved profit margins and cash flow make it easier to determine when to invest in additional assets that will drive growth, and when to save money in preparation for the next big sales season.  Being prepared to weather the changes in the marketplace — with deeper insight into business operations — will enable you to take advantage of the ups and minimize the downs of business.  Contact The Resource Group for additional information about how Microsoft Dynamics GP can provide you the insight needed to successfully manage inevitable changes in market and customer demand.

By Earl Hunt of The Resource Group, Seattle based Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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