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How to Plan for Globalization of your Supply Chain

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Mergers and acquisitions are globalizing corporations and taking business to new heights.  Becoming a multi-location company − especially when operations are located in other countries − brings with it many new challenges, including that of running global supply chains.   Implementing supply chain management software in developing countries requires a robust and flexible software that can handle the lingual, regulatory and currency differences that are likely to arise between the headquarters and the new locations.

When one of the most significant issues is language, choosing a strong multilingual software is critical.  Microsoft Dynamics® GP can be used in an unlimited number of languages.  By using a single version of the software amongst the companies, information can be translated without having to restart or alter the application or data with just a click.  A customizable dictionary will allow either location to update, change or add translation phrases or definitions so any employee can read and interpret the data appropriately.  In addition, customers and vendors can choose their language and read invoices or purchase orders from you or anyone else in the supply chain.

Regulations regarding labeling, shipping and other issues can also vary from country to country.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is an effective tool for maintaining compliance by enabling users to prepare shipping labels to track packages or labeling containers with appropriate language as well as using location-specific transport codes.

Currency differences can wreak havoc with financials.  Microsoft Dynamics GP can give you control over multicurrency exchanges.  Employees can manage financial issues involving multiple currencies and ever-changing exchange rates.  Define as many currencies or rates as needed, per company or contract.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can report on gains and losses over the life of transactions as a result of currency changes.  Tracking currency changes automatically in the software will allow you to make stronger, and timelier, financial decisions.

When expanding operations into new countries, you may be faced with language barriers, currency differences and new regulations.  Software such as Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you create transparency within your supply chain and unite employees, vendors and customers even when multiple languages and currencies are involved.  For more information on the use of Microsoft Dynamics GP at your headquarters and satellite locations, please contact The Resource Group.

By Earl Hunt of The Resource Group, Seattle based Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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