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Find Your Way With Real Data, Not Breadcrumbs

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Drawing lines between vendors, supply chain, your facilities, and customers can be loopy and confusing.  Using spreadsheets to manage important data is like following a trail of breadcrumbs, it’s inaccurate and fraught with errors.  Software, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, can provide reliable insight into business relationships and the actionable data you can use to drive growth.

Many businesses try specialty software to manage important data like their supply chain, inventory, or financials.  While the specialty programs and clever spreadsheets might capture and organize that data well, they don’t provide a big picture view of a business.  You end up following a breadcrumb trail based on data from one aspect of your business, then another, and before you know it, you could be lost in the woods.  Put all of you data together on a single map and you will have all that you need to navigate your business in the best possible direction.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.  You can collect and manage financials, manufacturing and supply chain, project and services management, human resources and payroll, in addition to having powerful business intelligence (BI) and reporting functionality all within a single software solution.  Bringing your data together provides more visibility into your business operations that you can use to leverage growth and control expenses.  Discover trends in products and customer sales, manage inventory with greater business insight and control, and provide your team with automation and efficiency that will improve their productivity.  This powerful ERP solution can change as your business needs change, so it will continue to provide insight as your business moves forward.

Focusing on one aspect of your business without considering others can lead you in the wrong direction.  Just because you are running out of a product in the warehouse doesn’t mean you should restock it.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can evaluate historical orders, review current customer orders, and look at possible replenishment schedules.  Your specialty inventory software might tell you that inventory is low, but interest —or lack of — by your customers might dictate whether you restock or not.

Don’t follow one breadcrumb trail and end up heading in the wrong direction, put all of your data together and have the confidence that you are heading in the right direction.  Contact The Resource Group for additional information about Microsoft Dynamics GP and how it will help you find the right path toward success.

By The Resource Group, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner out of Washington

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