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Fast Moving Warehouses Need Technology That Can Keep Pace

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Manufacturers and distributors rely on technology to streamline procurement, order fulfillment, and inventory management processes.  Accurate data is critical when scheduling production and distribution activities in order to meet customer demands.  As the pace of business increases, you need to be confident in your data and be able to access it quickly in order to make swift business decisions.  Add efficiency, accuracy, and improve productivity by implementing the technology that can keep pace with your speedy operations.

Sales, production, and warehouse teams can get very busy and during peak times, such as seasonal shopping seasons, data entry can become rushed which can lead to mistakes, or put on the back burner which can lead to delays.  Your people don’t often have the luxury of time to manually process orders, count inventory, or enter and share data with the other departments.  As a result, boxes can stack up in the warehouse, customers can be frustrated with stock-outs or other delays, and the procurement team may not have the reliable data needed to make replenishment decisions.

Fast-moving businesses need fast-moving technology such as robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions with built-in inventory and warehouse management features.  You can manage core business operations from an integrated ERP solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, including financials, supply chain and inventory, manufacturing and distribution operations, as well as human resources and payroll activities.  Sales and customer service representatives can use Microsoft Dynamics GP to process orders faster which will also automatically update inventory counts.  Procurement teams can use accurate, real-time inventory data to make strategic stocking decisions.  Warehouse teams can use barcodes to track finished products as they move through your warehouse or head to customers.  You can also extend this visibility to multiple warehouses and transfer inventory between facilities.  Don’t buy more inventory if you already items stocked at another facility.  Microsoft Dynamics GP can streamline common processes, improving productivity from the front office to the back warehouse as well as provide the accurate data you need to make important business decisions.

As business picks up, your people will have less time to perform manual tasks, which also means less time to focus on your customers.  Contact The Resource Group to learn how ERP can keep pace with your busy business.

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