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Expanded Factory Production Could Lead to Price Increases

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According to this recent Wall Street Journal article, production at factories is expected to increase as demand continues to rise. However, as factories churn out products at higher capacity, economists fear the expansion will lead to rising prices — and, eventually, a production bottleneck. How can you ensure your manufacturing company meets these increased demands while properly managing growth?

The answer to this question is business insight into your production processes, inventory, and orders. A comprehensive view of these key areas gives you and your entire organization the power of knowledge, knowing what production demands are happening now as well as forecasts for the future.

Microsoft Dynamics® GP for business intelligence and reporting gives you the competitive advantage by being able to pinpoint your best customers and vendors as well as identify problem areas and/or risks. As you shift out of the recession and try to meet the now increasing demands, it will be important for your sales people to see how fast product is moving and to what type of consumer. Microsoft Dynamics GP gives your people role tailored insight so you can keep a running tally of market trends and ensure your company is growing in a manageable fashion. Microsoft Dynamics GP also uses what-if scenarios and predictive modeling so your forecasts are as accurate as possible.

So as production increases and we shift out of the recession, make sure you have insight into your business processes and trends. Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you get there fast. For more information about Microsoft Dynamics GP for Business Intelligence and Reporting, download this whitepaper or contact us at The Resource Group for more information.

By Earl Hunt of The Resource Group, Seattle-based Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

The Resource Group is a seasoned team of business professionals that help companies gain valuable business insight from their financial systems, enabling customers to manage their business more efficiently and effectively.

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