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Distributors—Ask These 10 Questions For Successful Accounting Software Upgrades

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You know that a successful software investment involves lots of questions and answers between your company and potential vendors to be certain the system fits your needs. But how can you be sure that your questions will be the most effective for getting the information you require to make an intelligent decision?

Based on our experience working with distribution companies we have compiled the ten most important questions you should ask, and get answered.

Question #1 – Will we have access to centralized order and customer information?
Question #2 – Can we monitor orders at every step in the process?
Question #3 – How will we check inventory status during the order entry process?
Question #4 – Will the sales team have access to customer and sales information on their mobile device?
Question #5 – Does the purchase order process automate drop ship and replenishment?
Question #6 – Can we automate all customer notifications?
Question #7 – Will we have insight into pricing and margins at the line item level?
Question #8 – Can employees customize screens to meet their needs?
Question #9 – Will managers be able to analyze sales data to monitor unique KPIs?
Question #10 – How will we improve the efficiency of our picking processes?

Now download the answers so that you can brush up on what you need to know and make sure the vendor’s responses hit the mark.

You can download all the answers in the white paper, “10 Questions Every Distribution Company Needs to Ask Before Buying Accounting Software” at:

Watch a video of the 10 questions here, and see examples of successful distribution companies using Microsoft Dynamics GP:

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner Serving the Distribution Industry,
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