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Distribution Enhancements for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

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The launch date of Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2013 is set for December 19th and brings some very exciting enhancements for distributors. You can start off the New Year with the tools that will strengthen your business, and help you achieve your new year’s resolutions.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution that can manage finances, manufacturing, project and services management, supply chain, human resources and payroll, and offers powerful business intelligence and reporting features.  Integrating all of your business operations into a single software solution can boost productivity, as well as profitability.  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 includes many new enhancements that will improve the speed and functionality of the software.  For distributors, several functional improvements provide greater control over inventory management, and streamline purchase order and sales order processing.

  1. Inventory Control:  Distributors track a large volume of products coming in and going out of their facilities.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, you can now select multiple serial numbers by simply holding the shift key.  You can use the insert button to move all the selected numbers from the Available list to the Selected list.  Now, you can make an inventory item inactive to prevent the sale, purchase, or processing of an item.  Monitor a history of those inventory items to make it easier to find inactive items.
  2. Purchase Order Processing:  Control purchase orders by creating a warning message to alert you when a line item has a remaining quantity to invoice when you are closing a purchase order or a purchase order line item in the Edit Purchase Order Status window.  To add additional control, add a password to limit the users who are permitted to close purchase orders and purchase order line items when there is a remaining quantity to invoice.
  3. Sales Order Processing:  Make invoices easier for your customer to process and reduce the invoices accounting needs to track for payment.   Now, you can combine multiple fulfillment orders for the same customer onto a single invoice, instead of generating separate invoices.  All fulfillment orders must be at the same status in the workflow and contain the same contact information, currency, payment terms, and commission details.

These and many more features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 will provide even greater control and insight into your business operations that can help you make and achieve the strategic goals that drive business growth.  Contact The Resource Group for additional details about the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 enhancements and start the new year on a productive and profitable note:

By Earl Hunt of The Resource Group, Washington Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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