Does your ERP system give you the reports you need? Is it automated?

Often the finance department has access to the information they need, but it has to be exported and compiled manually. This wastes time. And the information is … Read more


Show me the product, tell me how much it costs.

Many distribution companies realize that this is sometimes easier said than done. But you also know that customers need to know how to calculate the price early in the process … Read more


For a business to process high volume orders, it needs an integrated accounting system. Being able to easily access centralized information regarding orders, inventory and the picking process are vital to the lifeline of any company. Microsoft Dynamics GP will … Read more


Manufacturers and distributors are only going to get busier as we close in on the hectic holiday shopping season and the last quarter of the year. There is no time to waste and this is not the time to get … Read more


I speak to small to medium sized businesses on a daily basis.  Most of these companies are distributors and/or manufacturers and desperately need to modernize their business software and network infrastructure.  One of the biggest pains that I hear is … Read more


Distribution and Manufacturing companies still using out-dated software can increase productivity and reduce inventory costs by implementing Dynamics GP.   Microsoft continues to grow this line of business by offering big discounts to it’s partners.  Currently Dynamics GP is priced at  Read more


We recently had an urgent call from a Dynamics GP distribution customer that was hit with a virus.  This was not our customer, however they are now.  Their system was compromised by the crypto virus and they did not have … Read more


Microsoft often offers its customers discounts and special deals for their business products. The latest is called “Give Me 5 Again”, a promotional deal for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. In most scenarios and for most companies, this is a great … Read more


If you have chosen to deploy a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) business management solution, such as those in the Microsoft Dynamics® ERP product line, then you have another choice to make – how to deploy the solution.  Like many … Read more


You are not alone if you wonder whether or not you can afford to purchase innovative business management software.  State-of-the-art enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions just sounds expensive, and outfitting all of your employees with cutting-edge software sounds completely out … Read more





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