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If your warehouse is a disaster, inventory is coming and going without your knowledge, and your desk is covered in stacks of multi-colored papers, then you probably need enterprise resource planning (ERP) software with distribution functionality. Although this is an extreme example, it is more likely that your business has grown beyond the use of simple spreadsheets to track inventory and customer orders. If you don’t have an accurate inventory count or aren’t sure what is coming and going out of your warehouse, then a software like Microsoft Dynamics® NAV might be the difference between satisfying customer needs or losing customers.

You’ll know when it’s time to move from spreadsheets and notebooks into a powerful business management software because you’ll be losing track of inventory, customer orders, and your sales will begin to decline. Before things get out of control, implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV to manage your finances, supply chain, sales, inventory control, and other important business functions.  Integrating inventory with purchasing and sales will enable you to control inventory costs. Powerful tracking capabilities will enable you to find a product at any point between cradle and grave. You’ll eliminate selling products that you don’t have in stock, reduce the chance for stock-outs, and you’ll be confident that you have the inventory you need for your customers, when they need it.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV will improve warehouse operations by adding automation to the pick and ship process, make managing physical inventory more efficient, and improve returns management. Reducing common bottlenecks and multiple touch points in the warehouse will improve productivity. Real-time inventory data and effective warehouse operations will reduce warehouse costs while improving order fulfillment and customer service.

Keeping track of volumes of inventory in your warehouse, when it’s coming and where it’s going, and providing superior customer service is no easy task – unless you have the right software in place to support your efforts. Microsoft Dynamics NAV will connect your office with your warehouse, so you have one reliable source for your core business data. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can be confident that you can fulfill orders accurately and quickly and deliver superior customer service. Contact Aztec Systems for more information about how Microsoft Dynamics NAV can streamline distribution operations, improving productivity and customer satisfaction.

By Aztec Systems, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and GP Partner out of Texas

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