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Why Invest in Distribution Software in a Tough Economy?

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We’ve all heard it.  “It’s a tough economy and it’s hard to justify investing in ________ when my company is:  a) Laying-off workers, b) Not selling as much product, c) Paying more for inventory, d) All the above.”

But some companies are taking advantage of this “slow” economy to upgrade systems.  Why?

1) Because they’ve had to lay-off workers. 

Companies are doing more work with less employees.   So the workers need better tools to run the business as effectively as possible.  For example, if our customer needs a report that compares the sell-through rate of 2 new products to determine which product to roll-out nationally, the manager has the tools to run the report herself rather than submit a request to the IT department.  If she needs to, she can run another report after lunch, 2 hours later, or tomorrow morning – all without bothering another department.  She doesn’t waste time waiting for a report and the IT department doesn’t spend valuable resources building a repertoire of reports that may or may not ever been needed again.

2) Because they aren’t selling as much product.

Salespeople are under pressure to make every sale count.   What if your salespeople were proactively presented a list of the products their customer purchases most often?  “Our salesmen get sent a report automatically via e-mail every Saturday telling them what customers and items have had a downward sales trend in the last 4 weeks. This enables them to proactively call the customer on Monday and find out if there is a problem and found out why,” says Bryan Imler, Director of Sales at Imler’s Poultry.  Learn how this Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer automated their business processes with Empower Business Solutions here.

3) Because they are paying more for inventory.

Smart buyers buy what they need, when they need it, without leaving excess inventory to gather dust in the warehouse.  One of the most effective ways to reduce excess inventory is through accurate forecasting.  When forecast error is reduced, service levels increase because customers are receiving the stock they want, when they need it.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can forecast based on actual current sales results – not forecasts created 6 months or a year ago from data that is irrelevant.

As a result, top distributors are investing in Microsoft Dynamics GP in order to control these key aspects and more – making every fraction of a penny count during this tough economy.

And to help you save even more, Empower Business Solutions is excited to announce participation in Microsoft’s ‘Give Me 5’ Promotion for Microsoft Dynamics GP!  Under the terms of this offer, new Microsoft Dynamics GP customers can license a total of 5 user licenses for ONLY $3,000!  This is a savings of up to $16,990 off the retail list price.  Learn more.


By Empower Business Solutions, Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner.

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