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Why Distribution Companies Need CRM to ERP Integration To Share Customer Data

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Implementation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is spreading at a phenomenal rate in the distribution industry. According to an article by Mark Dancer  analysts estimate that over 60 percent of distributors have adopted some form of CRM, and those who have not are actively shopping, testing or preparing to implement it in the future.

Distributors are using CRM software to produce dashboards showing customer data plus tools for planning calls, contact management integration and pipelines that allow the management of opportunities throughout a sales process that are unique to a distributor’s business goals.

In order to effectively complete these goals, a distributor’s CRM system also needs to be able to share data throughout the organization, especially with its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or accounting software. CRM integration with ERP is essential for sharing customer data. Effective integration will also help salespeople feel more comfortable working with a new CRM system when they do not have to reinvent the wheel just to share data within their own organization.

Integration with ERP is especially hard when information is shared in both directions. Far too often, the sharing goes one way but not the other when systems are patched together through an export/import process. Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM do not have this problem, however, because they can share data both ways.

When implemented effectively, CRM can increase profitability for distributors by empowering salespeople with the customer data they need to go out in the world and make sales happen.

Like a good baseball swing, you need to have follow through, and making sure your CRM is integrated with your ERP is an essential follow-through step in the road to increasing profitability and ultimately achieving a high level of success.

If you are a distribution company using or evaluating Microsoft Dynamics CRM then you should look at Microsoft Dynamics GP as your ERP system. Eliminate double entry and make your data easy to find.

Check out the case study of one of our Microsoft Dynamics GP clients who is also using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Thor Specialty Chemical:

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