12 Revolutionary Ideas That Fuel Distributor Profits

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12 Revolutionary Ideas That Fuel Distributor Profits

You can’t deny it, the internet has changed everything; from how we socialize to how we buy, to how we do business. Over the past decade, just like every other industry, distributors have adapted to this new way of doing business – via the web. As technology becomes more adaptable and affordable, distributors of every size are able to compete in geographies and markets they never thought possible, yet dealing with this broader range of channels presents a new set of opportunities and challenges.

So how do you stay innovative while focusing on your profitability?

This free whitepaper answers that very question in a number of ways…12 in fact! Twelve contributing members of the Distribution Software Blog came together to form 12 Revolutionary Ideas That Fuel Distributor Profits that provide examples on how to…

-         Support big customers

-         Connect service delivery to speed cash flow

-         Grow sales without adding staff

-         Simplify transportation management

-         Meet health care industry requirements

-         Maintain a competitive edge with business intelligence

-         Adopt the cloud and all its benefits

-         Manage multiple entities with ease

-         Support growth with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

-         Be proactive and instead of reactive

-         Properly manage vendor relationships

-         Simplify cradle to grave lot tracing

Download this whitepaper today and take your company to places you never imagined. Viva la revolucion!


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