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Which Integration Technology for Microsoft Dynamics GP is Right for your Business?

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When you make a large investment in your line of business applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, you want the integrations to be as long lived as the application itself and as easy to maintain as possible.

There are several integration technologies available for Microsoft Dynamics GP. The most popular being: Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Services, eConnect, Integration Manager, and the Microsoft Dynamics GP Developer Toolkit. But how do you know which integration technology is right for your business? If you follow the steps below, you be able to move forward with the right integration technology for you.

  1. Define what your current software does well without any integrations or additional modules. List the benefits it’s already created for your business.
  2. Define what your software doesn’t do well and what you wish it could do. Start by listing out your business needs and tie in how software comes into play. Take your time! Ask your team members, and get different perspectives of what workflows work and those that do not.
  3. Knowledge is power. Every business is different and has unique needs to fit their business model. Once you define your business needs, find out what integrations meet the capabilities you need for your business. The Internet is always helpful here and is a fast and convenient way to information. Call your friendly competitors and ask them what they use. Pick up industry trade journals and study the advertisements.
  4. Eliminate the obvious poor choices due to missing key features, or because they are simply too expensive. Cross them off your list and notate why you did. Generally, you can eliminate many options at this stage.
  5. Seek out a trusted partner to help you in this evaluation phase. You can only do so much while still maintaining your business. Partners will help you evaluate, assess, and deploy in a timely way as not to slow down business.

Whether you’re a formula-based manufacturer, a Microsoft Dynamics reseller or a Microsoftrepresentative, you can expect dedicated, professional service from Vicinity Manufacturing. Vicinity Manufacturing is the premier formula-based process manufacturing solution for Microsoft Dynamics.

By Randy Smith with Vicinity Manufacturing, a Microsoft Dynamics Manufacturing Software Provider

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