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What Role Do Compliance Policies Have at Your Organization?

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Most businesses will utilize a set of policies and procedures in an effort to fulfill the corporate mission or goals and streamline operations.  Policies are broad guidelines defining objectives or principles that the company aims to achieve.  Policies are often confused by procedures, which are the step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish those objectives.  New employees are usually trained on the policies and procedures that they are expected to follow, but do employees really understand and adhere to them year after year?

There is a reason that policies and procedures are put into place.  They keep business on track and employees on target.  They also protect the business, their employees, and their customers or clients with compliance and regulatory requirements.  However, as companies grow and employees come and go, policies can easily fall through the cracks or become forgotten.  As business operations change, polices can also become obsolete or inapplicable.  Performing regular business assessments can help make sure those policies are relevant and that employees understand and follow them.

Blue Moon’s Operations Suite can help companies adhere to their policies, keeping everyone on the same page.  An add-on to Microsoft Dynamics® GP, Operations Suite provides additional solutions to improve accuracy and efficiency of many important business operations.

  • QualityCount offers detailed physical inventory control using RF wireless and PDA user interfaces.  This feature will help you manage inventory and streamline ordering and inventory use.
  • HazMat provides the ability to associate hazardous inventory items with the Department of Transportation data and can calculate passenger and cargo shipping quantity limits.  This feature will help maintain compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.
  • SOP Auto Invoice performs automatic sales transfer, invoice printing and posting to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  You can transfer orders, create backorders, and print invoices using GP report writer, new Word templates, or print and email invoices.  This feature will improve control over accounts receivables.

Operations Suite has many other functions that compliment Microsoft Dynamics GP so you can adhere to the critical policies guiding your business.

Conducting periodic business assessments will keep policies updated just like your IT department keeps your software updated.  Having the right software to accompany your policies will make it easier for employees to perform their job responsibilities and adhere to policies and procedures.  For more information about Operations Suite and Microsoft Dynamics GP, please contact Blue Moon Industries.

By Blue Moon, Leading Microsoft Dynamics Operations Suite Solution Provider

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