What Does Document Management Mean for your Business?

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I don’t know about you, but I would be completely lost without folders on my desktop and within my Outlook. Thankfully it saves me in times my brain can’t retain all the information I go through every day, which is about 100% of the time.

Proper document management within organizations goes a few steps further and can really make or break your business. Here is a look at four key areas that document management can enhance, but it doesn’t stop here:

1. Sales– Gain better insight and control over customer invoices and order forms. You can also enhance customer service by decreasing response time with desktop-access to vendor and customer records.

2. Marketing– Leverage information needed to create effective marketing campaigns and see the entire marketing process through with better control over your documents. You can also easily hand over qualified leads to the sales department.

3. IT- Limit the amount of time your IT resources work on manual entries and management of duplicate data by streamlining document management.

4. Financials- Increase efficiency by automatically linking paper and electronic documents to vendor and customer cards, records or accounting transactions. You can also streamline internal invoice processing and eliminate lost or misfiled documents by maintaining all A/P documents electronically.

In addition to streamlining each individual department, document management can also create streamlined collaboration across all the teams in your organization. You can easily share documents with other users, departments and locations, or even limit access to documents that require higher security.

If you are interested in how your company ranks in proper document management, please contact us to learn more.

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