What Companies See as the Barriers to Supply Chain Success

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Can you make heads or tails of your supply chain data and use it to make accurate forecasts for your products?  If you’ve answered ‘no’, apparently you’re not alone.  In a recent study by Gartner-SCDigest, editor Dan Gilmore found that the top obstacle to a fully realized supply chain is uncertainty in forecasting and demand, according to companies who responded to a recent survey by Gartner.  The supply chain is also seen as becoming more complicated.  “It is clear that growing complexity is a contributing factor in all of the higher-rated barriers,” said Dwight Klappich of Gartner.

Connecting true demand with production is of critical importance to a manufacturer.  By having more insight into your supply chain, you can streamline the manufacturing process and improve profitability – both important to business success.   Microsoft Dynamics® GP is a flexible manufacturing solution that can provide real-time insight into managing and forecasting supply chain.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can track filled orders and other historical data, but also evaluate customer demands, product life cycles, and other changes that can affect accurate planning.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive business intelligence solution that is easy to use and can quickly simplify tasks and supply chain management.  Using customized reporting tools, role-tailored displays, and dashboards, you can monitor any aspect of manufacturing and operations, including supply chain.  Having greater insight into operations, from order entry to production, warehouse management, and deliveries, will allow you to make improvements where and when needed.

Keeping supply chain data accurate and up-to-date will improve customer service, vendor relationships, and improve your productivity. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can permit vendors to manage catalogs, place shipment orders, and track deliveries using any web browser.   You can also respond faster to customer inquiries or provide information about their orders.

By having better real-time information, you can streamline processes saving valuable time, drive down the cost of inventory, and recognize and respond faster to the ever-changing market.  Better data will also give you insight to forecast more accurately and much more easily than ever before.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is a simple solution to an important issue facing manufacturers today.  Make heads and tails of your supply chain with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

By Socius, Ohio Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

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