Watching Your Weight? Catch Weight Variations Before They Catch You

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Food and beverage distributors know that there are products that don’t always weigh what they are supposed to weigh.  Variations in weight can impact shipping costs as well as final item pricing costs.  Catch weight processing can be tricky if left to manual processes and inaccurate product weights can result in inaccurate invoicing, which can impact your profit margins.

Keeping track of food and beverage inventory items, and their varying prices, can get a little tricky.  Some items may have a flat price, such as by the bottle or package, while other items may be priced by weight.  When actual weights vary, final pricing costs will also vary.  Maintaining clear and precise records for price variations is important to your business as well as to your customer.  Elaborate spreadsheets do not have the controls to protect the data or the formulas within the cells.  Simple mistakes can be inadvertently made, formulas can be accidentally altered or deleted, and when the math is wrong, so is the resulting pricing. 

Catch weight processing, the collection of dual units of measure for inventory and invoicing transactions, is better left to a more robust distribution software solution.  In a solution such as NAV-X® for example, you can associate an average weight per inventory item that you may offer a customer for budgetary purposes.  Once the item is packed and prepared for shipment, you can then capture an actual weight measurement which can be applied to shipping costs and the final invoice for the customer.  With these distribution software solutions, your customers can order in a unit of measure such as a package of apples, and be invoiced based on the per-pound price of the apples.  And, since many food and beverage items prices can vary by region or season, the various prices can be easily changed and tracked in a more robust distribution software solution.  Reviewing trending data can provide you with more accurate information you can use for forecasting future inventory needs or providing more accurate customer estimates.

For many food and beverage distributors, watching your weight is too important to manage in hand-crafted spreadsheets or entry-level software programs.  A more robust distribution software solution such as NAV-X can provide greater control and insight into catch weight processing.  Contact NAV-X for more information about catching weight variations before they catch you.

By Sheldon Kralstein of NAV-X, LLC, Advanced Distribution Solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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