Warehouse Management System Trends in 2011

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According to an analyst at Software Advice in this 2011 Market Trends Report, the economic recovery is improving demand, there’s an increased demand for integrated supply chain execution, and the growth of 3PLs creates new warehouse management system(WMS) requirements.

Economic Recovery: An improved economy is giving buyers confidence to catch up on their system upgrades. Companies will have the capital to invest in upgrades or even their first WMS system. Those who invested before the recession will soon be due for an upgrade, increasing demand of WMS systems.

Integrated Supply Chain: Integrating WMS with Transportation Management Systems (TMS) is becoming very important and ultimately means better coordination between the warehouse and shipping, reducing costs and streamlining business processes.

3PL Growth: The rapid growth of third party logistics (3PL) providers is forcing WMS vendors to consider developing multi-tenant architectures.

Warehouses are the backbone of successful logistics operations and each warehouse has unique needs. Make sure to assess exactly what will streamline your business in 2011. Hopefully these trends will give you better insight.

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2 questions

  1. Don F. says:

    Good post! We all know that economy is improving gradually and WMS is growing as well for businesses to be competitive. Integrated supply chain and 3PL is riding on growth as well. So it will be up for users or business owners to take advantage of the trend. Try to integrate WMS or whatever system that will suit each businesses needs on their operations. It will benefit each user’s business.

    Nice forecast!

  2. Johnny R. says:

    Just discovered your blog and find it interesting. You did great on your forecast with WMS trends. With an increase demand for integrated supply chain execution, and the growth of 3PLs, it creates new WMS requirements. with this demands, businesses will have to consider either to upgrade their existing system or acquire a new one. This article will give them idea on what to do based on the trend.

    Good post!

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