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Video: Why Choose a Dynamics GP Partner with Proven Distribution Industry Experience

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Finding the right Dynamics GP partner for your distribution business is like looking for a good dentist in a new town. Say you need a tooth implant. Would you go to a dentist skilled in all the arts of straight, white teeth even though he’s never done a tooth implant? What if he assures you that he has studied the procedure? Attended lectures on it?

You would probably keep looking for one who has proven experience. The same is true for your distribution business. You need a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner with proven experience implementing the system at distribution companies. A company that knows from doing, how to fit Dynamics GP to your processes to maximize your success.

CAL Business Solutions team members fully understand the processes. Better yet, some have actually run their own distribution businesses. It would be hard to find a team more qualified to be your Dynamics GP Partner.

Learn more about how the CAL team can help you and see why other distribution companies are happy that they chose CAL for their partner, in this video at:

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Every Dynamics GP partner says they can do distribution, but you need to look at their customer list.

Hear from some of our current distribution clients and download the white paper “10 Questions Every Distribution Company Needs to Ask Before Buying Accounting Software” at

If you are a small or mid-sized distribution company looking for similar benefits, contact CAL Business Solutions. or 860-485-0910 x4. We can help you evaluate your current systems, business processes, and goals to determine if Dynamics GP with is the right fit for you.

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