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Video: How A Distribution Company Simplified the Dynamics GP Upgrade Process

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Just about every enterprise level ERP solution out there throws around the world “flexible.” In fact, it’s so constant that “flexibility” has just come to mean “customizable.” That’s a great feature to be certain, but Microsoft Dynamics GP is redefining what flexibility really is. Not only can Dynamics GP be modified to provide additional functionality, but there are now new options that make life (and upgrades) even easier.

A good example of this is Beekley Medical, a division of Beekley Corporation. Beekley Medical is a Connecticut based manufacturer and distributor of medical products that has used Microsoft Dynamics GP for over a decade to support their financial, inventory and shipping needs. During that time Beekley Medical customized, or altered, the functionality of Dynamics GP to adapt to their specific business needs. This is the type of flexibility we’re generally used to seeing; functionality added on-demand.

But then Beekley Medical decided to add Dynamics GP Manufacturing features. But this required that they use the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP. When they updated the core software they were afraid they would lose the customizations they’d spent so long developing, in the worst case scenario. But even the best case scenario involved a costly and time consuming upgrade process.

But CAL Business Solutions offered an alternative. Instead of updating and completely rebuilding the custom development, CAL recreated (and even simplified) that same functionality by SalesPad (a third party add on tool for distribution functionality). This gave the company the same features they had before but with even more options. And a simple upgrade path.

Olga Glynos, Director of Finance and Technology at Beekley Corporation says, “Over the years we had customized the actual Dynamics GP code to handle our unique pick/pack process. As a result we felt held back from upgrading to the latest version. Doing this customization in SalesPad, rather than in Dynamics GP, gives us so much more flexibility and simplifies the Dynamics GP upgrade process.”

Watch the short 3 minute Beekley Medical testimonial video:

Watch the video at:

This is real flexibility. Not only can Dynamics GP add features as needed, but it can incorporate third-party software modules to migrate and upgrade those capabilities as needed.

“Since the implementation of SalesPad, Beekley’s order volume has increased 10% per year yet we have maintained the same number of customer care representatives,” comments Olga. “We can now can enter multiple orders simultaneously and adding EDI features allows us to easily fill orders with a 3PL. Using SalesPad we have been able to streamline our process and reduce our per order time from 2.5 minutes down to 1 minute. All of these efficiencies mean we can serve our customers faster.’

Read the Beekley Medical case study:

No longer must extensibility come at the cost of maintenance. Through true flexibility, Microsoft Dynamics GP gives the best of both worlds. Because of this, Microsoft Dynamics GP is not only the right choice in the moment, but the right choice for years to come.

If you are a distribution or manufacturing company evaluating Microsoft Dynamics GP or already using Dynamics GP, contact CAL Business Solutions for creative ideas to improve your system. or 860-485-0910 x4.

By Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP partner Serving Distribution Companies.

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