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Turning Spreadsheet Experts Into A Cohesive Business Team

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Spreadsheets have their place in nearly every business setting; however, a problem arises when your people become spreadsheet experts. You’ve hired talented people to manage specific business operations, not spreadsheets. Make sure your people stay focused on your business by replacing spreadsheets with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Spreadsheets can be a great way to collect and analyze small amounts of data; however, they aren’t as reliable as an integrated ERP solution, for example, when managing inventory or monitoring budgets. As spreadsheets are passed around the office, there is an opportunity for mistakes to be made during data-entry, formulas can be disconnected or erased, and redundant data entry can lead to even bigger mistakes with your data. Mistakes with your data can lead to mistakes with decision-making that can result in even bigger problems.

Provide your team with a tool that is much stronger than spreadsheets and one that can improve their productivity as well as business profitability. Manage business operations from a single, integrated ERP solution instead of spreadsheets. You can use ERP to gain control and insight over financials, inventory and supply chain, manufacturing and distribution operations, human resources and payroll activities, and other core business processes. Your people can enter data with greater efficiency and can access it when they need it. By reducing redundant data entry and the delays from passing around spreadsheets, your people can enter, analyze, and use data to your advantage. The time they save with data entry and sharing can be better spent on other important tasks.

Modern ERP solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics® ERP, also offer built-in business intelligence that you can use to get closer to your data. You can manage real-time inventory counts, for example, without time-consuming physical counts or looking through files or spreadsheets to determine what inventory may be already promised to customers. With real-time inventory, you can be more responsive to customers and deliver the products that they want on time.

While spreadsheets may be a staple in nearly any office, they can’t be relied on to manage important business data. Contact Empower Business Solutions to learn more about replacing inadequate business software with a more powerful ERP solution and keep your business team focused on your business, not spreadsheets.

By Empower Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner out of Pennsylvania

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