Top Three Tips for Transitioning your Distribution Software to the Cloud

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Many companies are making plans to integrate the benefits of Cloud computing to their IT repertoire over the next year.  The technology is still new to many and as such, there are concerns.  Here are three things to consider when moving to the Cloud.

  1. Ask the pros – Your software vendor will be able to point out how you can make the most of Cloud capabilities, and at a price-point that works within your budget.  Since you are paying only for what you use, you are likely to find savings in IT services, hardware, and software expenditures.  Also, your vendor will be able to tell you if your legacy software can function on the Cloud or with your other Cloud-based software.  Microsoft Dynamics® GP is one example of comprehensive business management software that is able to work either on-site or in the Cloud.
  2. Get your feet wet before jumping inTry using Cloud-based storage, backup, or email services to see how the Cloud works.  Then move other applications, such as your ERP, into the Cloud.  Microsoft Dynamics GP already offers rapid implementation and streamlined business operations and works efficiently whether deployed on-site or on the Cloud.
  3. Be realistic – Whether on-site or in the Cloud, software disruptions are bound to occur.  Moving IT to the Cloud will reduce the chance for downtime since your IT department won’t be responsible for various hardware and software upgrades, backups, and trouble-shooting glitches.  However, you still need to discuss Service Level Agreements with your vendor to understand what will happen should a service disruption occur.  In addition, you will want to discuss security issues so that you protect your data during use and in storage.

There are a lot of benefits in moving software to the Cloud – it saves time, IT expenditures, and it is a secure way to use and store important business data.  Companies are becoming more confident in the technology, and as a result, it is anticipated that Cloud-computing will continue to increase in popularity.  In order to make the transition more smoothly, and safely, it is recommended that you work with your vendor to determine what Cloud-computing options are best for your company and work together to make that transition happen.  If you would like to plan your transition into the cloud, please contact Socius.

By Socius, Ohio Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner


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