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TOP 3 Reasons to Gain Real-Time Inventory Traceability Today!

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Have you ever had inventory that expired, was recalled, damaged or even misplaced? If you have, then you understand why it is important to be able to track all of the movements of your inventory within your 4 walls and beyond – from receiving to manufacturing to shipment. Real-time inventory traceability is critical for advancing supply chain efficiency.  And especially beneficial to your business in 3 key ways:  traceability of all inventory (whether it be a raw material or a finished good), increased staff productivity with never-lost accuracy, and a variety of real-time reporting capabilities available through our WithoutWire™ Warehouse Management System (WMS).




Do you ever wonder the status of a manufacturing job, the picking progress of a sales order or how much of the daily work flow is completed? The advantage of having real-time updates is that you can see the progress of an order within the warehouse as it actually happens. You will have visibility to the entire pick, pack, and ship process. Or if you manufacture, you have traceability from the raw material to the finished good. You may need to put inventory on hold for a manufacturing order or a possible “quarantine” for potential recall. If this were to happen, you would have full traceability of that inventory.  If you have inventory that expires, you will want the functionality to enter in expiration dates, track them, and properly rotate them with FEFO (first-expired-first-out) picking. It is also important to have the function of real-time traceability in case of a recall.  This provides visibility to your supply chain, forward to Customers and backward to raw material Suppliers with item/lot/quantity detail.



Increased Staff Productivity with Never-lost Accuracy:

Companies who are still heavily paper based see a large amount of time allotted to employees during the daily receiving and picking process because of the manual order assignment and fulfillment, as well as the back and forth to the back-office printer and front-office order posting area. The amount of time that is spent on paper based data entry is often redundant and can introduce human error. With real-time updates, the user is not able to make as many “mistakes” within the warehouse because the software will prompt you with an “error” message if you try to scan inventory that does not belong on your current order. The management has the ability to enter in either a purchase or sales order in their Microsoft Dynamics ERP and through the WithoutWire™ Warehouse Management (WMS) platform the order can be sent in real time to the handheld user to begin their work. Therefore increasing order accuracy and staff productivity, while saving your company time and money!



Push Notifications:

As a manager you like to be aware of the progress of orders. But with real-time updates you also have the ability to set up email or handheld notifications that you would like certain disciplines to receive throughout the day. Some examples of notifications would be: receiving a notification the second a sales order has been fulfilled, or when an item needs to be replenished. When an order has been shipped to a customer, your sales rep can be made instantly aware and customer service can  have the ability to relay toyour customer expected order arrival times. As the warehouse operations manager, you may not always have the ability to be at your desk or in the warehouse watching all of these movements. That is why these email or handheld notifications can be helpful to keep you updated of warehouse processes at all times.

Is paper based recording and reporting eating up your productivity and accuracy of daily warehouse operations? Appolis WithoutWire™ WMS can help you with real-time updates to increase traceability of inventory, productivity and accuracy, while providing you with real time notifications of movements or jobs being worked in the warehouse.  Why not increase order accuracy, staff productivity, while saving your company time and money today!

By Brianna Miller, Marketing Coordinator – Appolis , Microsoft Gold Certified ISV Partner

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