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Three Ways to Track Inventory by Job or Project

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Appolis_1It can be difficult to maintain real-time inventory counts when inventory leaves the warehouse with field technicians.  Parts can be consumed at a customer’s site, damaged in transit or on location, returned, or transferred to other technicians or warehouses.  Monitoring fluctuating field inventory items can be a challenge to say the least.  Here are three ways you can keep tighter control of field inventory with the WithoutWire™ (WoW) Field Service Application.

  1. Appolis_3Use mobile devices:  The WithoutWire™ Warehouse application and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution designate Field Techs as a site or a bin.  This allows them to use their own mobile device to track inventory.  You can choose the right device for the job whether its smartphones, tablets, laptops, or ruggedized devices.  Field techs can update parts consumed, damaged, returned, and transferred from their preferred remote device and keep the office team updated with real-time inventory data. 
  2. Real-time inventory counts:  As field techs updates their Job or Project with inventory data, procurement can monitor inventory changes to maintain proper inventory levels.  Use WithoutWire and your ERP to analyze inventory history which will make it easier to analyze parts consumption and spot trends which can drive efficiency into future planning.  Identify parts consumed at high volumes so that you always have hot items needed by customers and limit the chance for overbuying inventory that isn’t being sold as frequently. 
  3. Appolis2The wild card:  There always seems to be something that breaks the rules, for example parts shipped direct to the field technician or their returns.  This is greatly simplified through the use of WithoutWire™ Field Service application.   Field techs can create their own purchase order to receive inventory in the field and they can return parts as needed.  When parts are returned, the field tech can enter a reason code to indicate whether the returned parts were damaged, faulty, or otherwise unusable by the customer.

Providing your field techs with WoW and the mobile devices that suit their job tasks will improve accuracy, tracking, and insight into the inventory being used in the field.  Integrating WoW with your ERP solution will improve productivity by reducing the need for paperwork or email communications about field activities.  Also, real-time insight will speed up billing cycles and enable accounting to process invoices faster, so you can get paid faster.  Contact Appolis for more information about tracking field inventory with speed and accuracy with the right technology.

By Appolis, a Microsoft ISV offering Warehouse Management Solutions

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