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Three Steps to Prepare your Warehouse for the Upswing

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You weathered the economic storm and it looks like the proverbial sun is coming out again. It’s all good, right? But wait – this means an upswing in new clients, orders and shipments may be just around the corner. You’ve been hunkered down in maintenance mode for what seems like years – are you sure your warehouse is ready for the recovery we’ve all been anticipating? Here are three steps to take now to make sure your warehouse can hit the ground running.

  1. Determine if your outdated warehouse management system is holding you back:
    The question is whether your current system strengthens or hinders your ability to execute business strategies necessary to building competitive advantage, responding to constant change, and growing your business. If it doesn’t, consider replacing your system with an adaptable, flexible system that can help position your business to better leverage your supply chain and take advantage of new business opportunities as the economy recovers.
  2. Make sure your warehouse management system is working for YOU:
    Following initial implementation, many businesses allow their system to fall into neglect. As customer demands change, warehouse management system capabilities also need to be updated and added in order to stay in step with operational processes. What better time to examine ways to better utilize your system than when operations demand has slowed?
  3. Integrate your extended supply chain:
    Your business may have used the recent economic downturn as an opportunity to embark on strategies to acquire competitors, identify new low cost suppliers and enter new geographies with more favorable competitive dynamics. If your business executes on these strategies, will your supply chain operation be able to support it?

Most supply chains today consist of complex global relationships. Perhaps this is the time to reassess and address weak links within a larger supply chain which will, when acted upon, increase the overall efficiency of your supply chain.

Your business persevered through the toughest of the economic downturn. Now is an ideal time to analyze operational efficiency and best practices so that you can confidently welcome the increased orders and new business just around the corner.

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By Tim Hollstein of SalesPad Solutions, LLC, a leading order entry Microsoft Dynamics ISV

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