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Three Reasons to add a Warehouse Management System (WMS) to Dynamics GP

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Microsoft Dynamics GP continues to be an extremely strong SMB software platform, but it has many of the same limitations of other ERP systems.    They can’t all be good at everything, meaning certain areas of the business are controlled and handled within the ERP at a very generic level.   Inventory control and warehouse management fall into this category of generic functionality when adapting to most SMB work-flows and process within Dynamics GP.  Three (3) areas that can be significantly enhanced through automation are:

Cycle Counting

Cycle Counting is standard within Dynamics GP, but requires clients to have a clean system and down time to execute the tasks.   The process also requires time to tabulate and enter data for all of the necessary inventory adjustments once the process is complete.    Automating this process through the utilization of a WMS allows for executing the counts during normal business activities and automatic tabulation and creation of any required/approved inventory adjustments.  This allows inventory to be maintained in real-time and during standard shifts, without the need for before or after hours work.   The process also does not require the system to be shut down, nor have all tasks cleaned out of the system during the counting process. 

This automation greatly improves inventory accuracy and utilization of inventory/warehouse personnel.   Both of these items drive Return on Investment (ROI) straight to the bottom line.

Site Transfers

Site Transfers allow inventory to be moved between separate inventory sites within Dynamics GP.  This is typically used to control inventory at separate physical locations/sites, but is also used to allow clients control of their inventory within a single site that is broken into multiple virtual sites.    This is done to control who can see the inventory, to assist in the inventory allocation process and other items that need customization within Dynamics GP.    WMS systems allow clients to automate this process not only to reduce the paperwork and data entry requirements with the typical process but also to allow better visibility and control the moving inventory.   In-transit sites can be used to provide greater visibility to not only what is moving but where it came from and where it is headed.   Another example in gaining efficiencies around Site Transfers is to eliminate the labor required to process the inbound receipt by automatically moving the inventory to the receiving site.

Site Transfer automation provides greater inventory visibility and reduction in overall labor requirements.   Not only does this drive ROI value, but it also drives strategic value as your sales, marketing and order management teams have the most accurate and real-time picture of inventory totals and availability.

Order Picking

Dynamics GP allows for order entry, order allocation, order management and order picking based upon paper pick tickets.   This manual and rigid process does not allow organizations the flexibility they need in the order processing area.   Organizations today need to be able to react to ever-changing customer demands and inventory movement.   Paper pick tickets provide an optimized pick path based upon where the inventory was and how much was available at the time of printing.   This does not account for inventory movements (receipts, bin transfers, etc…), inventory adjustments or reprioritization of order within the distribution environment.   Warehouse Management systems allow for these picking optimizations;

a) Where to pick it … Directed Pick or Pick and Pass

b) How much to pick and appropriate UOM at each location

c) Pick path optimization

d) Automatic replenishment of pick locations

e) Order Batching

f) Order Waving

g) And a multitude of others……….

to be handled automatically based upon real-time accurate inventory quantities, availability status, business rules (FIFO, FEFO) and location.   Your picking automation can even drive minimums and replenishment criteria.

Order Picking optimization within a Warehouse Management solution drives significant ROI and labor reduction and provides the greatest level of customer service control.

These three (3) items are only a portion of the value of adding Warehouse Management to Dynamics GP.   As with these items, the other valuable items also drive considerable Return on Investment within the Distribution and Manufacturing environments.

By Jim Willems, President at Appolis Inc.

WithoutWire™ (WoW) Warehouse Management System (WMS)

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