The Weakest Link In The Supply Chain Can Cost More Than You Think

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Busy manufacturers and distributors know how important vendor and supplier relationships are in terms of meeting customer demands and showing profits. Communication with vendors and business partners is essential when forecasting the inventory needed for production and planning production to meet customer demands. A weak link can create delays that can slow manufacturing or distribution activities and lead to frustrated customers. Don’t let a weak link in your supply chain put customer relationships at risk. Improve communication and collaboration and strengthen supplier relationships with a modern business solution.

During order fulfillment, the last thing you need is to run short on inventory, discover inventory with the wrong specifications, or find out that the anticipated delivery date for certain items has been delayed. Manufacturers and distributors with multiple locations can’t wait for colleagues to check through spreadsheets or physical counts to find out whether needed items are available elsewhere. Time is of the essence in this fast-paced industry and the weakest link in your supply chain can undermine customer relationships.

Strengthen supplier relationships and gain greater control over your data with the support of a more powerful business management solution. Many of today’s integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions offer the ability to manage supplier and inventory data. You can use a single, centralized solution to manage inventory from multiple locations and be confident you have near real-time inventory counts. Electronic tracking can monitor data as it’s coming into the warehouse, being earmarked for production or promised to customers, and as it is picked, packed, and shipped.

With more powerful ERP solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can deploy a vendor portal that allows vendors to confirm, print and update purchase orders, review product specification and design data, and confirm shipment schedules. A direct line of communication with vendors can streamline ‘available to promise’ activities and offers the lead time needed to make sure warehouses are prepared to receive inventory.

Modern business solutions can improve collaboration with suppliers and vendors and strengthen your supply chain. Contact MIBAR.net to learn how you can reduce weak links with the support of ERP.

By MIBAR.net, Long Island, New York, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

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