The Evolution of Distribution Technology: From Faxes to Website Orders

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You might recall when taking phone calls was the only way for a company to place an order.  Then came the fax order, email, and now web portals are a favored way to place and track product orders. Technology is always changing and keeping up on the latest technology is important – not only to provide your customers with an easy way to place an order, but also for you to generate new business, improve productivity, and improve profitability.

There was a time when customer orders were written on carbon-copy paper forms and information was passed to the back shop via intercom systems for workers to assemble or pick and ship the products requested.  The age of the computer dawned and automated many of these manual processes.  Today’s technology can make our jobs easier and also expedite time-consuming operations, which is why many distributors look toward Microsoft Dynamics® GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, or NAV-X  to improve productivity and profitability throughout their organization.

Both Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV are robust solutions for distribution businesses.  These comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions can manage finances, manufacturing operations, supply chain, sales and marketing, project and services management, as well as provide business intelligence and reporting functionality.  The RoleTailored interfaces and built-in workflows will provide your entire team with customized software that will help them get job tasks completed with greater accuracy and faster.  Added automation will reduce operational costs and reduce the chance for errors.  Your team can enter customer orders correctly each and every time, then warehouse can assemble or pick and ship the right orders reducing the chance for returns, back orders, or missing products.  Accurate data is shared automatically within the software, instead of carbon copies and intercom systems.

The self-service options in Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV will give customers the ability to place orders, modify orders, and track shipments on their own.  Allowing customers to place orders at any time of the day or night, without the assistance of a sales representative, will increase sales opportunities as well as save valuable time.  Your team can focus on other customers and other important tasks, accomplishing more in less time.

Technology has come a long way from carbon-copy paper to impressive ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  Distributors can get more completed faster and with greater accuracy than ever before.  Contact Aztec Systems for more information about how Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, or NAV-X can improve productivity and profitability in your distribution business.

By Aztec Systems, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and GP Partner out of Oklahoma and Texas

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