The Bigger the Warehouse, The More That Can Go Wrong

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A big warehouse, or multiple warehouse and distribution facilities, likely means that you have volumes of boxes coming and going at all times of the day or night.  Keeping tabs on incoming inventory and outgoing products can be challenging.  In addition, with people and forklifts heading in all directions, there is a risk for lost and damaged products, mislabeled items, and inventory heading to the wrong customers.  Keeping track of the boxes in a busy warehouse is important to your productivity, your customers, and your bottom line.

As your business expands or gets hectic during busy shopping seasons, the more boxes you have to track as they arrive into and leave your warehouse.  Monitoring incoming inventory can become even more confusing when some items are tagged for stocking the shelves and other items need to be strategically placed on the floor to be turned around for customer orders.  Once the appropriate inventory is picked, packed, and finally leaves your facilities, you are still tracking inventory as it travels to customers.  You can’t trust carbon copy shipping papers to maintain tight control of inventory, but you can trust technology like NAV-X®.

NAV-X is a robust solution for busy distribution operations with single or multiple warehouse facilities.  This popular warehouse management solution can streamline the receipt of inventory, organize the warehouse floor, maintain real-time inventory data, and make it easier to track boxes as they come and go.  Instead of having your team hand-key data into spreadsheets or specialty software, you can use barcodes and scanners to save time and accurately transfer data into NAV-X.   Directed pick and directed put-away functions will provide clear instructions to where inventory should go when it comes in.  You can also protect outgoing packages with proper Bill of Ladings and package or pallet labels.  Using integrated, robust warehouse management systems, you can keep tabs on inventory, no matter where it’s located.

Stronger warehouse operations will provide real-time visibility into your inventory which you can use to identify product or customer trends, maintain appropriate inventory levels, as well as improve overall productivity and profitability. 

By Sheldon Kralstein of NAV-X, LLC, Advanced Distribution Solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (

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