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Telltale Signs that It’s Time to Update Your Distribution Software

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For the distribution company, the channel through which sales and distribution is connected must be efficient, productive, and, ideally, automated.  Many companies, in creating the sales-to-distribution channel, carefully design an intuitive system that accomplishes all three of those goals. . . But then, they make a critical and business-impacting error—they leave it alone.

Distribution strategies, like business strategies, must evolve to be continually productive and profitable.  Following are the telltale signs that it’s time to update your organization’s distribution software.

  • Costs have increased and sales have dipped.
  • Employees lack focus.
  • It is increasingly difficult to hold staff accountable, because roles/missions have lost definition.
  • Conflict and communication problems exist between management and sales/distribution staff.
  • There exists a discrepancy between sales made and those expected.
  • Customer satisfaction data suggests needs are not being met.

For most thoughtfully created strategies, a straying from original plans, focus, and purpose naturally occurs over time.  This is why businesses must continuously strive to create, enact, and support purposeful (and current) distribution strategy.  Focusing on the needs of customers, the state of your industry, and your business goals will help realign your distribution strategy with your overall business plan.

Empower Business Solutions a Pennsylvania Microsoft Partner specializes in helping distribution companies achieve their business management and financial goals.  Contact us to learn about how Microsoft Dynamics GP can power your organization’s distribution strategy and practice.

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