Taking Business Intelligence on the Road

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Many important business meetings and decisions are often made while out of the office.  When marketing teams are out meeting prospects and confirming contracts with clients and project managers are in the field checking on the progress of projects, how is the information being transmitted back to the office, and how long does it take?

Business communications have evolved just as technology has evolved – from letters and faxes, to emails, and now from mobile devices to browser or server-applications.  Computers that used to be clunky and expensive are shrinking in size, but not in capabilities, to affordable mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets.  Business software is being redesigned to operate on computers as well as mobile devices, allowing out-of-office employees to conduct business and immediately provide information to in-office colleagues.  Speeding up the sharing of information from the field to the office helps keep the team and management updated with important business opportunities and decisions that affect the bottom line.

Microsoft Dynamics® GP is a comprehensive business management solution that can be deployed on-premises or with partner-hosted cloud solutions.  This software is compatible with the technology that is already used by your employees, making deployment cost-effective and improving communication amongst employees no matter where they may be located.  Financial, operational, project management, manufacturing, supply chain, sales and marketing, and other important business operations can be managed within the Microsoft Dynamics GP software solution.  Easy to use and quick to implement, you can have access to business intelligence at the office or on your mobile devices.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is also flexible and can be tailored to your current business needs, as well as updated to meet future needs.

Sharing critical business data between the field and the office can be quicker, if not instant, through the use of innovative applications and mobile devices.  Don’t let your projects or business decisions slow to a crawl because of old technology.  Contact Socius to see how you can speed information sharing amongst employees and use Microsoft Dynamics GP on your mobile devices.

By Socius, Ohio Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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