If you’ve ever experienced the fallout from order-entry errors, shipping mistakes, product back orders, and irate customers, then you probably work harder to double-check operations to make sure these mistakes don’t happen again.  Working with disparate software systems or spreadsheets … Read more


Customer demands can change as quickly as the weather.  Throughout the year, you might experience combinations of busy times and lean times.  One product might be popular one day and obsolete the next.  How can you better predict customer demands … Read more


If your company has locations sprinkled around the globe, how do you manage foreign currency risks?  As operations expand, acquisitions are made, and the supply chain becomes deeper. As such, you will surely find yourself working with multiple currency exchange … Read more


Few manufacturing businesses can afford mistakes, and since it is impossible to be mistake-free, the best result manufacturers can hope for is to avoid the major ones and minimize the damage caused by the minor ones. Careful financial planning is … Read more


Supply Chain Management  has come a long way in the past few years thanks to advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.  But what does the future hold for manufacturers in 2012? This year, spend less time planning and more time … Read more


It’s one thing to collect mountains of data about every facet of your business.  It’s another to use that data to improve productivity, profitability, and growth.  Collect and organize data in your ERP software and use that information to drive … Read more


Maintaining control over your supply chain can be a monumental task.  Finding the right resource, at the right price, and at the right time is a balancing act.  If you are abandoning your business intelligence software for time-consuming spreadsheets and … Read more


The medical supplies industry has fought a number of challenges these past few years. Companies have lowered device prices to combat high unemployment rates. And healthcare reform also has held many companies back in turns of profit.


In addition … Read more


Many companies have various types of risk management plans in place to address major concerns such as natural disasters or catastrophic business interruptions.  More and more companies are now realizing that even day-to-day risks can have serious consequences, and are … Read more


Mergers and acquisitions are globalizing corporations and taking business to new heights.  Becoming a multi-location company − especially when operations are located in other countries − brings with it many new challenges, including that of running global supply chains.   Implementing … Read more





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