Most businesses will utilize a set of policies and procedures in an effort to fulfill the corporate mission or goals and streamline operations.  Policies are broad guidelines defining objectives or principles that the company aims to achieve.  Policies are often … Read more


Everyone out there is pushing you to streamline your supply chain to make it more efficient and productive. We actually did just last month in our blog “Understanding the Supply Chain: How Microsoft Dynamics Eases the Process”. But what most … Read more


Some of us have a developed knowledge of how the supply chain works, but some of us are on a “need to know” basis. For this blog, I would like to delve into why the process is how it is … Read more


As you already well know, making your business relationships strong will pay off in the long run. But first, you need to fully understand how the chain of communication is set up within the distribution channel. What relationships should you … Read more


Chargebacks happen for a number of reasons and no matter what type of company you work for, you need to comply with the customer’s needs. It’s inevitable; chargebacks are a way of business. If you’re selling to major distributors, you … Read more





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