Continuous flexibility in order to control costs and meet customer demand is critical to succeed in the distribution environment of today and tomorrow. The following survey was designed to help you analyze your current system’s ability to deliver the speed … Read more


You  invest to add to your inventory at the distribution center, but what does it really cost when it sits around the warehouse waiting to get packed and shipped to a customer?  Connecting your accounting system with inventory control could Read more


When implementing new distribution software or making a software upgrade, business processes are affected in a number of ways.  The idea is to improve productivity and make it easier for your employees to enter and use important business data.  While … Read more


Most manufacturers, as well as retail and technology businesses, are aware of the importance of a strong supply chain as it correlates to productivity and profitability.  As a result, the consulting firms that work with these businesses, and the businesses … Read more


A correlation can be made between how much your business is growing and the volume of data that is being generated.  Expanding product lines or services, networking with more vendors and suppliers, and reaching out to additional customers creates a … Read more


Changes in technology make it a little easier for us to think “outside of the box” when it comes to using the supply chain to our advantage.  You can reinvent your supply chain – think flexible and non-traditional – to … Read more


When a customer calls with changes to their product specifications, adds or subtracts from their order, or shortens the delivery time, are you able to rely on your supply chain and warehouse management software (WMS) to help you address these … Read more


Introducing “lean” practices in your manufacturing and supply chain operations can improve productivity, reduce costs of doing business, and lead to better profit margins.  However, introducing lean practices without working with the right people and setting reasonable goals can weaken … Read more


Technology has come a long way from carbon copy order forms and telecoms to the back warehouse.  Today’s business software can streamline purchase orders, freeing you up from shuffling paper and making purchase orders more accurate.  In addition, software like … Read more


Experts have struggled for years in trying to simplify the complex supply chain and now Big Data has entered this complexity.  Big data can be a valuable asset, but it sometimes comes with a price.  IT departments are constantly battling … Read more





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