Manufacturers and distributors create a lot of business data.  Many use various business systems to manage inventory, production, shipping, customer relationships, and other operational data.  There may also be call centers, website communications, and prospects and customers alike may even Read more


What your customers ordered in the past may not be the same as what they will order in the future.  Products change in popularity and the marketplace can be fickle.  Knowing that, how can you make better inventory predictions so Read more


How does the procurement department rate within your business enterprise?  If your sales teams are by-passing procurement to get what they need from other managers, then you may be short-changing your profitability.  Procurement could be one line of defense against Read more


There are a lot of key metrics that indicate whether you have a healthy business, including an evaluation of sales data.  However, you need to go deeper into your financial figures to see if those sales are generating profits.  There Read more


As a distributor, you’re pressured to stay innovative while keeping costs low.  One way to do this is to closely monitor the effectiveness of your daily operations.  Making the right operational changes can cut costs and add value.  The wrong Read more


When analyzing profitability, the question of outsourcing is bound to come up.  Should you outsource functions such as order fulfillment and shipping to third party providers?  Well, that depends on your need for control versus your need to cut costs, … Read more


I am easily distracted by the bright, flashy screens of the latest and greatest gadgets in today’s marketplace.  I enjoy looking at new technology to see how it can improve my daily work and home lives, only my enjoyment comes … Read more


You are not alone if you wonder whether or not you can afford to purchase innovative business management software.  State-of-the-art enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions just sounds expensive, and outfitting all of your employees with cutting-edge software sounds completely out … Read more


Businesses are searching for ways to manage changing customer demands and marketplace conditions, all while trying to remain profitable and competitive.  While the knee-jerk reaction is to cut costs, businesses are quick to recognize that costs are often not the … Read more


You can spend your days reacting to changes in customer needs or product trends or you can use your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and customer relationship management (CRM) software to be more proactive and anticipate these inevitable changes.

Businesses … Read more





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