Chargebacks happen for a number of reasons and no matter what type of company you work for, you need to comply with the customer’s needs. It’s inevitable; chargebacks are a way of business. If you’re selling to major distributors, you … Read more


Why does a company like Appolis put an ad in a parking garage with a QR code?  Well, this brings me to the topic of tracking.  In my analysis, most marketers see the value in QR codes as providing tracking … Read more


In every business operation, sales documents move through specific processes. Sometimes they move in a straight line — from order entry, to fulfillment, to invoicing — with very few complications. These are the easy orders to manage.  Orders with exceptions … Read more


At the beginning of the year, I handed my Windows Phone 7 over to a co-worker and decided to try out the latest Android devices available via AT&T.  I am now testing with Galaxy S from HTC.

My take on … Read more


Multiple situations throughout the globe create massive uncertainties about the future price and supply of oil and other key commodities. Many manufacturers are responding by beefing up stocks of commodities and raw materials, locking into current prices. That strategy, according … Read more


Apple’s iPad Takes One More Step Ahead of the Rest

Apple CEO Steve Jobs shocked the industry on Wednesday when he returned — temporarily — from medical leave to introduce the company’s new iPad, a faster and lighter device that will cost the same as the original tablet. Jobs’ presentation … Read more


When you make a large investment in your line of business applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, you want the integrations to be as long lived as the application itself and as easy to maintain as possible.

There are several … Read more


An efficient order entry system is essential to running an efficient distribution business. SalesPad integrates with Dynamics GP to deliver that, more

Streamlined management of your warehouse is vital to successful business operations. After all, the daily operations such as the order process, inventory management, and finally how items are prepared and shipped, make up most of your day. So you can … Read more





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