By Travis Smith, CTO Appolis

Where are the jobs!  You see rising unemployment on TV, radio, and every newspaper across the country.  Americans and our government are very concerned about turning around unemployment trends, which ultimately will drive our economic … Read more


Every business relationship can experience some problems: miscommunication, growing pains, or the best problem – too much business.  This is exactly why the collaboration between distributors and manufacturers is so critical.  Whether you are planning to expand into other regions … Read more


Simplification of Warehouse Management Reporting

Making the right business decision requires data from collaborative reporting and every Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) utilizes a different strategy when considering how to generate reports and barcode labels throughout their application.   Appolis has committed … Read more


Looking for ways to more effectively manage follow up with your prospects or existing customers? Wouldn’t it be nice if it were easy?

SalesPad has just one more way to make it easier. Using sales document Tasks, SalesPad users can … Read more


Intelligent License Plate “Search”:  a tool for 21st Century Warehouse Management

By Travis Smith, CTO/Founder – Appolis

My first blog post that I ever wrote was about a technique for process automation that I called “Intelligent License Plates” or … Read more


If you are still using a paper tracking process to manage your distribution processes, you may be feeling increasingly overwhelmed and behind your growing competition. ERP Software helps eliminate this frustration through automatic updates, real-time tracking, and inventory management. The … Read more


    Many distributors are faced with the challenge of managing inventory across multiple warehouse locations.  Frequently these warehouses are actually located at their customer’s facility. One of the common challenges associated with managing multiple inventory locations is the seemingly simple task
Read more

I love when our Distribution Customers come up with unique ways to use the Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems to streamline their business even more.  When this happens, I just want to share the ‘findings’ with other customers!  In this case, … Read more


By Steve Dwyer, Vice President, Appolis

What if you could maximize your order fill rates while minimizing your extra inventory?  What if maintaining full lot-control throughout production is critical to your business?  Whether you are a Make to Order or … Read more


The typical sales order process has many steps involving numerous people within each organization.   From the point the order is taken through sales, customer service or numerous electronic methods all the way through the pick and pack operations – each … Read more





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