Business growth.  All companies are looking for ways to expand their customer, product, and services markets.  They seek increased overall productivity and, of course, higher profits.  Many have found a strategic tool to facilitate their growth objectives—Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Microsoft … Read more


By Travis Smith, CTO – Appolis Inc.

The use of barcodes during manufacturing is not a new concept, but the efficient use of barcodes is something that is much more difficult to design for.  Recently I read an article in Read more


‘Tis the season for purchasing.  And when we go to our local stores, we see entire aisles set aside for seasonal items that are only available this time of year.  But how can distribution (and retail, for that matter) companies … Read more


By Jim Willems, President, Appolis

Inventory reduction is always a company’s strategic objective, but how can it be done without affecting customer satisfaction and production resources?   Automation systems, like Warehouse Management, allow companies to reduce their overall inventory levels while … Read more


By Travis Smith, Appolis Founder/CTO

My role at Appolis is innovation and I’d like to take a minute to share some insight into economic recovery through empowering American workers with technology.

Insight into the future of supply chain from the … Read more


According to this article on The Wall Street Journal, several manufacturers are preparing to cut costs and streamline operations.  Some say a pullback in manufacturing would be a blow to the economy.  In this uncertain economy, it seems that one … Read more


It isn’t unusual for company executives to demand an inventory reduction.  Cash flow is inextricably linked to what is held in the warehouse—and therefore, when the higher-ups need cash, inventory is often one of the first places they look.

But … Read more


By Jim Willems – President, Appolis Inc.

As organizations pursue supply chain optimization – they typically start within the four (4) walls of their own facilities.   As the major research organizations point out – the three main “Return on Investment” … Read more


Inventory is almost certainly your organization’s most sizable investment.  Minimizing the amount of capital you have tied into your warehouse’s holdings is paramount in order to optimize operational cash flow.  Vendor lead times, which are the anticipated time period between … Read more


As you’re probably well aware if you’re in the distribution industry, customers want your product when they want it.  In order to meet these demands, you need to have a solution that meets a few strict requirements.  Microsoft Dynamics® GP … Read more





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