Many businesses are looking at the cloud as a possible way to deploy popular business management technology including  enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.  How do you know if the cloud is right for you?  Here … Read more


It’s official, Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Dynamics® GP and Microsoft Dynamics® NAV customers can now work with their partners to get their business solutions in the cloud and know that their solution is hosted on a secure, enterprise-class cloud … Read more


When considering whether your business is ready to enter the world of cloud-computing, be sure to calculate both the pros and the cons.  Working in the cloud can improve communication and collaboration with field service teams and sales representatives who … Read more


Integration Defined
In previous posts we talked about the importance of integrating EDI to ERP. Reaching the desired state of integration means minimizing keystrokes and eliminating redundant effort through electronic, system-to-system updates of information. Suppliers using email, FAX, and/or webforms … Read more


“Cloud Computing” can really mean two things. You have your system ‘hosted’ or ‘semi-hosted’ – or it can mean that your software is accessible through an internet browser.

In either case, you have these advantages:

  • Predictable cash flow by having
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Process automation necessarily means integration with Enterprise Resource Planning because ERP is the core business system for most mid-sized companies. ERP takes on this central role by joining multiple, formerly separate, business applications through a common database and a consistent … Read more


Software as a Service (SaaS) models are popping up everywhere you look.  This prompts the question, “Are YOU ready to get SaaS-y?”  If you have global locations or customers, have sales or project managers in the field often, or are … Read more


Many important business meetings and decisions are often made while out of the office.  When marketing teams are out meeting prospects and confirming contracts with clients and project managers are in the field checking on the progress of projects, how … Read more


Many companies are making plans to integrate the benefits of Cloud computing to their IT repertoire over the next year.  The technology is still new to many and as such, there are concerns.  Here are three things to consider when … Read more


There are many details to consider when investigating whether it makes sense for a company to implement their distribution system in “The Cloud”.  The key benefits that businesses see from an implementation that uses either a public or private ‘hosted’ … Read more





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