Strategize to Win – Tips for Distribution Sales Managers

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In order to thrive as a distribution sales manager, you need to recognize how distribution is changing in order to adapt your strategies and remain a step ahead of your competitors. More likely than not, the old ways of selling, pricing, and dealing with customers is not going to be enough in a world where consumers can essentially get whatever they want at the push of a button. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you develop your distribution strategies.

  1. Find All-Star Salespeople – Your sales reps need brainpower, high level communication skills, and strong ability to manage complex projects in order to push your business to new heights.
  2. Change Up Your Selling Processes – Consumers today are not involving sales reps until about 2/3 of their way through the decision making process. This means you need to adapt to sell on their terms; ditch the cold calling, don’t give up on traditional media, and stop relying on brand advertising alone to bring in new sales.
  3. Pricing Power is Fading – You don’t need to sacrifice your margins to compete with price. Instead clearly define what aspects of your business make you uniquely qualified to serve your customers’ needs and play to these strengths as you serve your customers.
  4. Segment Your Customer and Tailor Your Offerings Accordingly – Figure out which customers are giving you the most new opportunities and strengthen those relationships. Spend more time on customers that are more profitable for you to meet. Close any gaps between what these customers want and what you can offer them.

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By Socius, an Ohio Distribution Solution Provider

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