Stop Struggling to Compete with AmazonSupply

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Guide to Compete with AmazonDoes your business struggle to compete with AmazonSupply?

Many distribution companies are struggling to maintain their customer base and compete with the low prices, great customer service, and speedy delivery that comes with AmazonSupply. But there are ways for small distribution companies to effectively compete with Amazon and adapt to the rapidly changing needs of consumers.

The first step to competing with Amazon is to implement a strategies that can strengthen your own local areas of business. Gain a deeper understanding of your own local area of business. Know your target customers better than Amazon. You need to build your local distribution channels. And finally, never miss an opportunity to prove to your customers that you are willing to go above and beyond their needs and expectations.

The next step to gain a deep understanding of the drivers for Amazon’s processes so you can use their weaknesses to your advantage. Focus on supplying products that are too bulky for Amazon to stock. Know your customers on a personal level and give them the face-to-face attention that Amazon cannot. Lastly, it is important to understand Amazon’s pricing strategy; they do not really have free shipping. Instead of focusing on lowering your prices, focus on high quality service and support.

And finally, think about how can software help you to level the playing field and improve your bottom line? What do your customers want from their ideal supplier?

To get answers to these questions and get more details on how to build a strategy to effectively compete with AmazonSupply, download the Guide to Compete with Amazon.

By Socius, a complete distribution solutions provider

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